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Tow monitoring


Preparations for seagoing tows are extensive: engineering studies and fastening calculations result in complex sea fastenings and lashings, and limiting sea states during the voyage. Once at sea, the master of the tug is only guided by good seamanship, weather forecasts and routing advice. Motion limits are defined in the transportation manual, but it is virtually impossible to observe actual wave heights, accelerations and accurate roll and pitch motions. For this reason, it is important that motion parameters are measured instead of estimated.


Siri Marine utilizes technically advanced motion monitoring devices in combination with decision support software to measure and monitor the actual motions and forces on the tow. The master will be provided with valuable motion and environmental information that will help him to take corrective action when required. In addition, all motion data is stored for voyage evaluation and reporting.


  • Assisting the tug master in his decision making process
  • Alarm whenever critical limits are threatened to be exceeded
  • Independent power supply on the tow
  • Wireless radio transfer of data between tow and tug
  • Voyage data is saved for voyage evaluation and reporting
  • Optional reporting by Siri Marine during the voyage and/or after completion of the voyage

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