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Structural Integrity Monitoring


Structural integrity management of offshore oil & gas installations is becoming more and more important with an aging population of assets in the North Sea and around the world. These structures are subject to huge forces during their operating life; installation of foundations and topsides, rig moves and jacking operations. But also wind forces, wave slamming, jack-up-up leg subsidence and even earthquakes in specific seismic areas. In the long term all oil & gas installations will suffer from fatigue. To what extent they will suffer and if these installations will remain productive during or even beyond their design lifetime remains the question. Answering these questions starts with collecting data: structural integrity monitoring.


Experience shows that the natural frequency of oil & gas structures tends to change during their lifetime. In order to assess whether this will lead to problems or shortened operating life, it is important to start structural monitoring as early as possible. Siri Marine provides a structural monitoring system that will allow you to monitor and record changes in natural frequency, and to take preventive action if circumstances so require. The monitoring system can be customized to your needs by adding environmental sensors. The system can also be used as a decision support tool during rig moves and jacking operations, for immediate damage prevention.


  • Long term assessment of structural integrity
  • Extend operating life
  • Optimize inspection schedules
  • Prevent damage during rig moves and jacking operations
  • Online data portal
  • Optional post processing and reporting of data

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