Solutions in Motion

For all your motion and condition monitoring needs



All structures, whether on land or at sea, are subject to forces that cause motion. Environmental conditions, geophysical occurrences, traffic, ageing due to normal wear and tear: all this may, in the long term, lead to changes in the condition and structural integrity of an object. Additionally, these environmental influences can cause motions that exceed the safe limits which have been calculated in the engineering phase of a project. Monitoring the motions during project implementation can prevent exceeding safe limits.


Anywhere where measuring, visualization or analyzing of motion is important Siri Marine can help. Thinking out of the box to get “fit for purpose” solutions for your specific project. Whether it is monitoring of deformation on a dry-dock at a shipyard or monitoring to asses earthquake damage to buildings, Siri Marine can supply a full monitoring system.


  • Expertise on motion monitoring
  • Client specific monitoring system
  • Can do attitude

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