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Renewable Energy


The worlds energy focus is shifting from traditional fossil fuels to renewable energy sources such as offshore wind. These new developments bring their own unique and uncharted set of challenges. Siri Marine is a leading provider of motion and condition monitoring services and can assist this young industry with “fit for purpose” monitoring solutions.
Environmental conditions such as wind and waves may have consequences for the workability on your project. Floating equipment can only be applied up until certain limiting conditions in wind speed and wave height. Accurate weather data together with motion measurements provide information that helps predicting if certain motions will occur, and determining if conditions are workable.


By combining motion measurements with environmental data, Siri Marine can provide you with valuable information on the structural integrity of the structures, workability windows and equipment downtime. In addition we can also provide decision support software for critical moments during transport, installation and maintenance.


  • Gain insight in actual motions during installation and maintenance
  • Reduce unnecessary equipment downtime
  • Save on inspections
  • Save on unproductive working hours
  • Comprehensible and unambiguous reporting

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