Solutions in Motion

For all your motion and condition monitoring needs



Over the years Siri Marine has collected one of the largest databases on vessel motion data worldwide and become an expert on cargo securing and safety. Many incidents onboard cargo vessels come from errors in lashing or securing of cargo leading to unsafe situations for cargo, crew and vessel. Analyzation of vessel motions in combination with the cargo securing manual and even onsite inspection can help find the cause of the problems and avoid them in the future.


Decades of combined experience in various maritime environments have led to a wealth of knowledge on all subjects related to vessel motions, cargo securing and safety, salvage, vessel performance, etc. This knowledge can be utilized in a large variety of projects ranging from research in to friction coefficients on a cargo deck to storage solutions in containers and routing optimization and fuel efficiency. Where required we can use our own in house monitoring solutions for data collection.

Key benefits

  • Expertise on vessel motions and cargo securing
  • Insurance claims after incidents
  • Writing Cargo securing manuals
  • Improving efficiency
  • Independent consultancy

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