During the annual Salvage and Wreck conference in London on the 6th and 7th of December Siri Marine has won the Technology and Innovation award. Albert Lenting collected the prestigious price up on stage after some very heartwarming words from the the conferences chairman Andrew Chaimberlain of HFW.

The nomination read:

Siri Marine is known to many in the salvage world as the small Dutch company that provides motion and condition monitoring services during salvage operations. Over the years the companies services have evolved, been updated, new technologies added, but the purpose of the provided systems has always remained the same. In an everlasting effort to assist the salvors to optimse their operation and to minimize risk to the casualty, crew and the environment the team at Siri Marine is always looking for new ways to improve their services. Latest editions include small wireless sensors that can easily be placed on the casualty, eliminating the need for the large pelicases and spaghetti of cable that was used in the past, and a variety of extra sensors and equipment for environmental monitoring; providing the full scope of condition and environmental monitoring in one package. Utilizing the ever improving global internet connections it is now possible to keep track of the condition of a wreck from anywhere in the world, by logging in to the Siri live application.

However, new technologies allow for even greater possibilities: after years of specializing in vessel motions Siri Marine has release the new MO4: motion forecast service. This new forecast service can increase the workability of most vessels, crane barges, etc, by up to 20%. Using this technology in the salvage industry will change the way the industry looks at workability and utilization of vessel required during the project.

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