In the ever-changing world of transport and shipping, turn around times and reducing costs have become more important than ever. And always without compromising the safety of the vessel, its crew and cargo.

Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax vessels usually trade in a restricted area and the duration of the voyage seldom exceeds 48 hours. Modern technology can provide high quality and accurate weather forecasts for the planned voyage. A reduction in lashings for the trailers, self-drive vehicles, MAFI’s and other rolling cargo is sometimes applied. However, it is rarely known on board if the lashing procedures are in accordance with the actual forces at play on the cargo. As a result large safety margins are applied, resulting in unnecessarily high costs.

Decades of experience in monitoring of ships movement, cargo safety and securing have led to the development of the unique Siri Weather Dependent Lashing System. One of only three systems to get mentioned in the Lloyds Registers official brief on weather dependent lashing systems, and the only one based on actual measured forces on board as opposed to mathematical formulas.

After measuring the actual forces at play on board a Ro-Ro or Ro-Pax vessel over the period of several months an addendum for the cargo securing manual is drawn up. This flag state and class approved addendum allows a significant reduction in lashings used during different weather conditions.

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