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Wireless motion sensor

When trying to monitor on hard to reach locations or pulling cable to temporary or permanent sensor positions is difficult the new Siri Wireless sensor could be the solution! During heavy lift operations monitoring on the cargo is often skipped due to difficult installation procedures of motion sensors. Now it is possible to place one lightweight sensor on the load, leave it there for the duration of the lift or transport and either use the sensor data for decision support during operations or afterward for post processing.


  • Heavy lift monitoring
  • Project cargo monitoring
  • Installation and maintenance on windfarms
  • Temporary motion monitoring

The system

The MRU is placed in a lightweight sensor case with a strong satel modem for wireless transmission of sensor data and lithium battery’s to last 24hours. When required a solar panel can be attached for long term power supply. The pelicase weighs approximately 8kg, is 40x32x17cm and can be attached to most steel surfaces using built in magnets.


  • Lightweight/small pelicase
  • JF40 MRU
  • Wireless modem
  • 24hrs battery life
  • Easy attachment using magnets

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