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Decision support software

The new Siri display and decision support software has all the trusted features of its predecessor SafetyMax, but with added functionalities. The software also had an esthetic make-over and will look great in any bridge setting. The software has been designed to display real-time and historical motion data such as accelerations, angles, heave and deformation. In combination with our new BlackBox data logger the software can display different sensor inputs such as GPS, wave radar, current meter, etc., simultaneously. The software is easy to use and gives the user a clear overview of all measured values and other variables in one overview. The screen can be customized to suite your projects specific needs and can be set up to display

Post processing and analyzing of motion and environmental data just became easier!
Our new software allows users to get a quick analyses of their data, but also features tools for in depth analyses.

More information will follow soon.

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