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BlackBox data logger

The revolutionary Siri BlackBox data logger is one of the latest developments from the Siri team. Like our other products the Siri BlackBox has been developed from a practical focus point in cooperation with our project engineers and demands from the industry. This has resulted in a data logger that combines powerful data processing capabilities with data acquisition functionality, with extreme high reliability for use in all maritime areas.

Siri BlackBox

The Siri BlackBox is a Unix based data logger that can collect and log data from eight different sensors simultaneously. Different input protocols can be programmed to support a wide range of sensors, not just our own.  This allows easy integration in to third-party systems.

Optional input protocols:
  • Waveradars
  • GPS
  • Anemometers
  • Other environmental sensors
  • All types of MRU’s

Key features

  • Customizable to suit different applications
  • Connect up to 8 sensors
  • 30 min statistical reports
  • Support for NMEA equipement
  • Ethernet and/or RS485 data output
  • 25Hz output rate

Download datasheet

The Siri BlackBox can be sold as part of a Siri motion monitoring system, but also as a stand alone unit for client specific applications.

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