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Portable motion monitoring system

The Siri Portable motion monitoring system provides users with a plug and play motion monitoring solution without difficult installation procedures. Everything you need is combined in one compact case which can function as a decision support system or log large quantities of data for analyzing and reporting. On request the system can be customized to our clients’ needs and specifications.


  • Transport and tow monitoring
  • Seismic monitoring
  • Structural monitoring
  • Salvage
  • Ships behavior monitoring
  • Sea trials and/or inclining tests
  • Anywhere where temporary monitoring of motion is required

The system

The system combines a JF40 motion sensor with our BlackBox data logger and a panel PC, built together in a rugged and watertight transport case. The Portable motion monitoring system can be extended with additional motion and environmental sensors, such as a GPS or waveradar. Readout via WiFi or 4G and remote access on your smartphone or tablet is possible. The internal battery can supply several hours of independent power with the option to connect to solar panels or 220v for continuous power.


  • “Plug & Play” motion monitoring
  • Decision support on site
  • Monitoring on the load

Download datasheet JF40 MRU Siri BlackBox data logger

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