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For all your motion and condition monitoring needs


Different projects and applications require different MRU specifications. Siri Marine can provide a range of MRU and INS solutions to suit all these needs.  From a simple motion monitoring sensor specifically developed for registration of low frequency/6Dof vessel motions, roll, pitch, heave and hull deformation, to high frequency MRU’s and GPS aided solutions.

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Siri Marine can provide a MRU or INS solutions that is suitable for any operation that requires highly accurate monitoring of motions.


  • Vessel motion monitoring
  • Salvage monitoring
  • Tow monitoring
  • Structural integrity management
  • Seismic monitoring
  • Hull deformation monitoring


Our MEMS based MRU’s provide real time high accuracy motion measurements in a robust stainless steel enclosure, with optional ATEX certified or subsea enclosures. Decades of experience and in-house design provide an MRU with extreme high reliability for use in the most demanding marine environments.

Key features

  • High accuracy acceleration measurements
  • -20 to +50°C temperature calibrated
  • No separate power supply required
  • Standard IP67 enclosures
  • Optional ATEX certified or subsea enclosures

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