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Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Many motions are caused by environmental conditions. For this reason, it is often necessary to measure these conditions as well. Knowing both cause and effect of motions will enhance possibilities to take the most effective preventive or corrective actions. Siri Marine can supply a wide range of environmental monitoring equipment, either as stand alone unit or integrated in to the Siri monitoring system, making us the “one stop shop” for all your measuring needs.

For example:

  • Wind meters, both speed and direction
  • Temperature and humidity measuring equipment
  • Earth vibration measurements
  • Wave buoys, for measuring height and direction of sea waves and swell
  • Wave radars, for wave height and tide
  • Tidal gauges, for tidal and tank level measurements
  • Current meters, for water flow measurements
  • Sonar equipment, for subsea investigations
  • Others on request

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