Siri Marine, one of the worlds leading providers in motion/condition monitoring services launches the revolutionary new BlackBox data logger. Years of development, driven by the high demands of the industry have resulted in this multi functional data logger. The new BlackBox Data logger is able to log multiple data streams, including MRU’s from a variety of suppliers, wave radars and GPS. Siri’s BlackBox Data logger provides operators one data acquisition unit from where all data can be easily accessed and utilized for decision support systems, analysis or reporting.

The BlackBox data logger can be used as a stand alone unit for integration in to third party systems but can also come as part of a full motion/condition monitoring system for permanent monitoring on different kinds of vessels. Together with the BlackBox, Siri Marine have also released new decision support and display software that can easily be integrated in any bridge setting.

During the past months Siri Marine has supplied large towing operations with full condition monitoring systems that aid the Tug Master’s decision making during tow whilst reporting project data on a daily basis and upon completion to owners. Albert Lenting, managing director of Siri Marine, says “as a former captain on tug boats in the past, visual monitoring of the barge behavior was the only approach available. During periods of low visibility like night or fog, you would have nothing to go on, increasing vessel integrity risk. Today with our technology, we provide tugs with real time visualization of barge movements. Siri Marine’s technology aids risk assessment and real time response, whilst monitoring of and setting alarms for critical motion limits.”

Utilizing the same principles and technology, the team at Siri Marine have provided all the necessary condition monitoring equipment to aid salvage operations. During recent salvage operations Siri Marine’s technology reduced risk and increased operational safety by aiding the salvage master during the entire operation, both on location or by means of remote support.