The inclining test is an exercise that has to be performed on newly built vessels and other floating objects, and after major changes in the vessel, in order to determine its stability.

Usually the test is executed with a pendulum. A wire of some respectable size (3-4m) with a small weight attached to it, hanging in open case filled with oil to reduce vibrations, is used to determine the changes in angle. Over the case a bar where markings will be made and the angle is calculated from the length of the wire and the change along the bar.
Setting up a tool like this takes many hours. Calculation of angles can be automated but takes time as well. That could be done faster.

A Siri Marine Portable motion monitoring system can be set and ready for operation within minutes. During the test the results are visible using the display software and post processing of the results can be done using the built in data base. Using highly sensitive sensors illuminates the need for recalculations or doubt about proper angles…
Using a system based on these principles allows a complete Inclination test to be performed in a couple of hours.

When requested environmental or other sensors can be attached to the system for an even more comprehensive overview.