About us

The Dutch based Siri Marine is a leading provider of motion and condition monitoring services and equipment. Founded in 2003, and with decades of in house experience, the company provides a one stop shop for their clients monitoring needs. Over the years, Siri Marine has evolved from an advisory agency for the offshore and shipping industry into a versatile and multifaceted company that supplies products and services to all markets where measurement and visualization of motion are of paramount importance. Each and every day we prove just how much we know about motion. About what motion can do and what it might lead to. About laws and legislation, and about methods of calculating forces in relation to motion.

We prefer to be involved in your projects as early as possible in its progression, without any obligation. That way we can offer tailored solutions and even more cost-efficient services. Our mission is to go beyond meeting our customers’ wishes. Instead, we want to participate in thinking about and formulating those wishes. We do not restrict ourselves to existing technologies and are always developing new and better ways of motion and condition monitoring.

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