How can the industry help?

According to the World Shipping Council last year 1390 containers fell overboard due to different circumstances. But when the MSC Zoe lost 291 containers just north of the world heritage area of the Wadden sea in the Netherlands on January 2nd  a natural disaster was...

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Inclining test

The inclining test is an exercise that has to be performed on newly built vessels and other floating objects, and after major changes in the vessel, in order to determine its stability. Usually the test is executed with a pendulum. A wire of some respectable size...

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A new era in data logging

Siri Marine, one of the worlds leading providers in motion/condition monitoring services launches the revolutionary new BlackBox data logger. Years of development, driven by the high demands of the industry have resulted in this multi functional data logger. The new...

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Reduce lashing on Ro-Ro vessels

In the ever-changing world of transport and shipping, turn around times and reducing costs have become more important than ever. And always without compromising the safety of the vessel, its crew and cargo. Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax vessels usually trade in a restricted area...

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Remote monitoring of offshore structures

How can asset owners keep track of the health of their property? And how can they save on unnecessary inspection costs without the risk of unexpected high maintenance costs? Not long ago visual inspection was the only way to check the health of a rig or vessel, when...

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